Kyivstar stakes on partnership in the development of IT systems

The leading mobile operator in Ukraine, Kyivstar, which is part of the VEON group of companies, has implemented an innovative collaborative development approach in one of its major projects to migrate tariffication and contract billing functions to new platforms from the outdated BIS system of Nexign company – in stages migrated wireline and Internet services, and then Home Internet (FTTB) and TV (Fixed Mobile Convergency) services to the new core of post-paid billing WideCoup Billing using the MEF.DEV serverless development platform of the Ukrainian company NATEC R&D. The  platform goal is to reduce Time-To-Market due to speed up the development processes of marketing activities, product delivery, and further operation of updated products & services. The next stage is expected to migrate non-telco services to a new platform, which is part of the BSS solution of Kyivstar.

The representative of Kyivstar, CIO Andrey Zhukovskiy noted: “We’ve joined forces with the NATEC team to run complex swap project for the systems which were implemented almost 20 years ago and were intensively developed almost till the moment of swap. It allowed us to implement extremally complex integrational project in shortest possible terms. We’ve combined a number of Legacy systems that ensure the operation of many services with a new service development platform of Mef.Dev and complete migration successfully. Now systems are working stable and delivering excellent business result

Sergey Polovnikov, Engineering Director of the NATEC R&D, noted: “The implementation of such a project has once again emphasized the professionalism of the combined team of NATEC and Kyivstar, thanks to the well-coordinated work of which technical innovation and reasonable conservatism in the implementation of completely new approaches to the usual for telecoms became possible. operator services. I sincerely hope that new opportunities on the path of digital transformation of Kyivstar’s unique marketing services will provide a lot of innovations to its clients